Carotte Numbre One / Edition Signed and Numeroted by La Carotte Officielle Lyonnaise

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Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by the artist.
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Canvas mounted on black edge frame provided.


“Monsieur Carotte”, the enigmatic urban artist, has been breathing a dose of fantasy and mystery into the streets of Lyon for over a decade. Originally from the region, this discreet artist chose the carrot as his muse, making this vegetable his artistic signature.

Monsieur Carotte embodies the essence of street art in the city of lights. His prolific style is rooted in the city's artistic history. His choice to remain discreet on social networks adds a mysterious dimension to his character.

The originality of choosing a carrot as a mascot raises intriguing questions. Why this particular vegetable? What is the story behind this unusual choice? According to legend, after getting caught, he came out angry at having to change his name and drew a carrot angry.

Monsieur Carrot does not sign his works and even signs his certificates of authenticity with a carrot! letting its mascot be its distinctive imprint.

Some hide behind signs, others on top of buildings, iron curtains, the edges of highways. Some are giant and all are fun and quirky.

In perpetual search of creation, La Carotte also tries successfully on canvas or in innovative sculptures.