Vulcania / graffiti streetart /Open edition / Art by Pascal N3GRE

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Print the biggest pussy in the world.

Open edition by the artist Pascal Negre, committed feminist artist!

Transform your walls into an art gallery!


-Colors more vibrant than the personality of a parrot who has had too much coffee placed on 210g photo paper.
-Delivered without frame, because freedom has no limits, as does your imagination to find a place for this work!


-Anti-fire standard B1: Our thick canvas meets the anti-fire standard B1 for complete peace of mind.
-Ideal for large formats.: Canvas as strong as a cat's determination to ignore orders, with details as numerous as a 6 year old's "whys"! The canvas easily hangs on the wall with US$3 transparent thumbtacks.
-Super-Heroic Ink: Resistant to water, ketchup and paint stains, but not to ultra-concentrated hydrochloric acid. Because even art has its limits!
-Delivered without frame, because freedom has no limits, just like your imagination!


-Easy to install thanks to our 38-second video tutorial.
-Materials necessary for applying the sticker: A rigid card, soft toilet paper, painter's tape and 2 hands.

Frame not provided. Shipments rolled in sturdy tubes.
For XXL prints the photo may appear blurry up close but still magnificent at more than 1m (normal distance if you don't want to bump into it)


-Temporal Guarantee: Delivery and product guaranteed for 10 years, 5 days and 6 minutes from receipt. Because even time can't resist the temptation to test our incredible product!
-Global Delivery: Free delivery in France so that even our packages are entitled to a free vacation! And abroad, really cheap shipping costs, because traveling light is not just for humans.
-Packaging as careful as a penguin's costume for a charity gala!
-Easy and Secure Payment: Payment as easy as saying hello, and 100% secure, because our transactions are more secure than the secret cookie stash in the kitchen!


-You can print on any surface (wallpaper, giant stickers, metal...)
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
-If you want the canvas to be mounted on a frame like a real painting, tell us, it's possible but we will have to add some margin.


Pascal Nègre, emblematic artist of French street art, finds his inspiration in the heart of the 19th arrondissement of Paris, where he grew up. Seeking to escape the gloom and violence of everyday life, he discovered in art an escape, a path of free expression.

Passionate about art in all its forms, Pascal Nègre is attracted by the beauty of lines. His style, precise and instinctive, oscillates between round and soothing curves, and abrupt typographies which define a harmonious contrast with the background. This multidimensional artist finds his ideal playground in street art, where he can give free rein to his creativity without constraints.

Pascal Nègre's two favorite themes, women and weapons, are revealed in his work in an authentic and raw way. His art, a true reflection of his emotions and his experiences, depicts a striking reality.

Each of his creations is an explosion of soft colors that mix with tangy typographies, creating a unique visual balance. This contrast, the artist's signature, contributes to the overall harmony of his works.

Bang Bang! Let yourself be carried away by the visual and emotional power of Pascal Nègre's art.